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Car Numbers in the Challenge Series

On this page you can view all the current car numbers being run in the Challenge Series and request a number for yourself.

Note: These are only numbers for spec legal cars running in the series or being built to run in the series. NASA has final say on numbers. You may be asked to use a different number when registering for a NASA event.

To see if your number choice is available, search the list below. If you find that your number choice is taken, check what Region it is assigned in. It is acceptable to have duplicate numbers in different Regions. However, if you run in another region or at NASA Nationals, you may have to add a letter to your number, such as "E" or "W" (east/west).

Request a Number

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Currently Assigned Numbers

The first list is current, active drivers in the FFR Challenge Series. If your name needs to move between lists, just drop me a note.
1   Carl Thompson Mid-Atlantic   36   Ron Stebles NorCal
02   Karen Salvaggio SoCal   39   Peter Larose Great Lakes
3   Robert and Barry Walter NorCal   42   Thomas Lavell Florida
05   Jeff Awender NorCal   48   John George Northeast
5   Richard Norgrove NorCal   49   Brian Sanders Great Lakes
6   Rick Anderson NorCal   51   Dave Riha Northeast
6   Rafe Baskin Great Lakes   52   Jim Schenck Northeast
8   Wes Holiday Great Lakes   60   Ed Boothman Southeast
09   Lyle Riggen Midwest   62   Wayne Patterson Northeast
10   Gary Green Great Lakes   64   Scott McKay Florida
10   Mike Beeler SoCal   67   Gary Lemke SoCal
13   Andrew Switlyk Florida   77   Greg Wellinghoff Great Lakes
14   Richard Bell Great Lakes   83   David Standridge NorCal
17   Lars Lattstrom Southeast   84   Tasha Standridge NorCal
18   Michael Wilson Florida   85   Paul McGarvey NorCal
21   Tom Coon NorCal   87   Tim Konkol NorCal
22   Eric Jacobs Northeast   88   Tim Mundy Mid-Atlantic
28   Karen Salvaggio SoCal   91   Todd Ayers Great Lakes
29   Gregg Wellinghoff Great Lakes   95   Gary McDaniel Great Lakes
30   Tom Andrews NorCal   99   Ron Morris SoCal
33   TC McNett SoCal   169   Mike Dziurgalski Great Lakes
This second list is Challenge cars that have requested numbers but are not currently running in the series.
00   Steve Marcus Mid-Atlantic   44   Mike Joyce SoCal
0   Dan Elam Mid-Atlantic   50   Bob Evans NorCal
01   Steve Marcus Mid-Atlantic   50   Tony Johnson Southeast
1   Donny Edwards NorCal   53   Tom Veale Midwest
02   Steve Marcus Mid-Atlantic   54   Dean Schaefer Arizona
2   Mark Ames Mid-Atlantic   55   Bob Evans NorCal
03   Steve Marcus Mid-Atlantic   56   Nate Johnson Northeast
04   Steve Marcus Mid-Atlantic   62   Ed Gavin NorCal
4   John McIver Great Lakes   63   Sern Clementson NorCal
05   Steve Marcus Mid-Atlantic   66   Dan Elam Mid-Atlantic
5   Robert Woods Arizona   67A   Pat McMahon Mid-Atlantic
06   Steve Marcus Mid-Atlantic   68   Jim Goodwin Mid-Atlantic
7   Tom Sweeten Mid-Atlantic   69   Mike Gray Mid-Atlantic
8   Paul Kaiser Mid-Atlantic   70   Dave Gray Mid-Atlantic
11   Bob Lawson NorCal   71   Art Totten Great Lakes
13   Jeff Joyner Texas   76   Rob Mau Mid-Atlantic
14   Dan Lawson NorCal   77   Bryan Dobyns Mid-Atlantic
14   Matthew Westbrook Florida   82   Dave Irwin Texas
15   Doc Whiteside Mid-Atlantic   86   Dave Capps Texas
16   Gary Cheney Northeast   88   John Joyce SoCal
17   Tim Treat NorCal   89   Rick Davis Mid-Atlantic
18   Michelle Kaiser Mid-Atlantic   92   Farra Snook NorCal
20   Bob Evans NorCal   93   Stu McFarland NorCal
24   Bob Catalano SoCal   94   Dutch Vanderburg Arizona
27   Brian Cates Mid-Atlantic   96   Philicia Gray Mid-Atlantic
27   David Evans Florida   97   Peter Nash Arizona
28   Al Kaiser Mid-Atlantic   98   Robert Beausoleil Northeast
30   Mike Easton NorCal   100   Harry Johnson Texas
30   Dave & Karen Eves Southeast   101   Langley Kersenboom SoCal
33   Henry Renaud Northeast   201   Dave Van Meter Great Lakes
34   Angelo Buffomante Northeast   312   Rob McLennand Northeast
38   Mike Margolis Great Lakes   703   Gary Farson Great Lakes
43   Keith Drake NorCal   718   Eillen Baker Great Lakes
43    Rick Pettit Northeast          


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