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FFR Challenge wins 3 hr Enduro at RA!

With a thunderstorm looming Gary McDaniel (FFR #95) took on 11 other enduro drivers on Dry tires. Oh yea, it was the first day for Gary on Road America! 30 Minutes into the race the EZ ups went flying and Gary came in for WET tires as the mother of all thunderstorms came through Road America raceway. The crack (pot)crew of Brain Sanders Sally McDaniel (who put a tarp over Gary to keep him dry) and Richard Oben (me) changed all four tires to wets before the pace car got on track. Back on track the field is running 35 mph behind the pace car and Gary has no idea how many laps he was down.

Press on and see what happens was the call. Guessing we would run about 8 MPG we figured 30 gallons for the 3 hours. We had planned on a two stop to make sure we would have enough fuel to make weight at the end of the race. 10 gallons on the first stop and a splash and go towards the end. With the lap or two in the pits changing tires and all the low speed yellows the pit crew put out the NO PIT sign. We were under a minute ahead with less than 30 minutes to go and decided hero or zero was the decision. We needed 2 gallons to make weight and came in with 2.5. We ended up leading the field by a full lap and being the only car on the lead lap. Gary drove the entire three hours and is need of some vitamin I (ibuprophen).

So I sit here wet and tired (not as tired as Gary) very happy with FFR, the challenge series, the crew, the track and the excellent driver and results. I just thought everyone would want to know.

--Richard Oben


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