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Peter LaRose wins first Challenge Series Race!

The only bright spot in this entire weekend was Peter LaRose taking his first Challenge Series win. Days in advance the weather report promised rain, sleet and snow. And of course, this was the only time they got it right. There were four Challenge Series racers registered, but only Peter and Brian Sanders showed up.

Friday morning started out wet and cold. Peter took this in stride and made runs in all 4 sessions of the test and tune. On the other hand, Brian only ran during the one dry session of the day and was impressed with his freshly rebuilt engine's performance. But good engine or not, rain is the great equalizer.

Saturday morning was dry but colder than the previous day. But this was to change halfway through qualifying. The track was lost if you were on dry tires. In the end, Peter earned his first pole. This was a short lived rain. Immediately following qualifying, the rain stopped, the sun came out and everything dried up again. Now came the question as to what to do about tires for the race.  Peter decided to put on rains saying, “If it rains, this may be my only chance to win, if it doesn’t, nothing lost.” Brian opted for dry’s. So this became your typical hero or zero scenario. Who made the right call? The headline says it all. As we sat on grid, the sprinkles began to fall. Three laps into the race, Brian was sliding all over the place and decided to protect the car and come in. Peter went on to complete the entire race and claim his first win.

Sunday was forecasted to be the worst day of the weekend. Light rain and snow flurries sporadically fell all day. Brian decided to write the weekend off and head home. Peter decided to tough it out. In an e-mail from Peter Sunday evening, he said, “The race was WET and my fingers froze (combination of cold and wet) but I finished the race.” Chalk that up as win number two.

April in Ohio is always an unknown as to how the weather will fair. After two years of incredible April weather, we paid for it this weekend. The next stop for the Great Lakes racers is Putnam Park in May. We certainly look forward to better weather.

C’ya at the track!

Brian Sanders

Great Lakes Challenge Series Director

Page last updated: 07/15/2008

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