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West Coast Round 2

Round two of the West Coast Challenge Series takes place at Infineon Raceway April 12th and 13th.  Six drivers made the trip and were rewarded with temperature in the 80ís and no clouds. A perfect weekend for racing. In attendance were Dave Standridge, Karen Salvaggio, Rich Norgrove, Robert Walter, Tom Andrews, and Rick Anderson.

Saturday Race:

After a quick 15 minute warm-up at 8:00 A.M., all drivers were prepared for their 20 minute qualifying session scheduled for 9:30.  When the times were posted, Karen came out with the pole position, followed closely by Dave, then Rick, Tom, Robert, and Rich.

For the 2:20 race, a flying start got the group underway with a clean and fast start.  Karen got the jump on Dave and led the group up the hill to turn two.  As the group settled out to single file, Karen kept her position on Dave, followed by Rick, Tom, Robert, and Rich.  As the race progressed, Karen and Dave continued their battle with Karen holding Dave off for the first position.  Meanwhile, Rich started his move towards the front passing Tom and Robert to take on Rick. Tom and Robert had their own duel going on to keep things interesting.  Late in the race, Rich overcooked turn four and spun.  Realizing his water temp. was pegged, he retired so as not to blow his motor.  Up front, drama was unfolding as Dave made the pass to take the lead, only to spin in some oil laid down by another car at the entry of turn 10 (the fastest turn on the track with concrete on the left and a huge tire wall on the right).  With Dave scrambling to re-enter the track, Karen regained the lead just before the race was black flagged and ended.  Final race results: Karen with the win, Dave second, followed by Rick, Tom, Robert, and Rich.

Sunday Qualifying Race:

For the Qualifying Race, the field took the green with the field inverted based on the finishing order from Saturdayís race.  At the front, Rich was to be on pole but had mechanical issues in grid and had to pull out of line.  That left Robert on pole, followed by Tom, Rick, Dave, Karen, and finally Rich.  As we were following the inverted CMC group, the traffic was pretty intense. At the start, Robert got the edge on Tom and those two had a great battle for the entire race.  Meanwhile, Dave went to work and passed Karen and Rick and then proceeded to pass Tom and Robert for the lead.  Karen had the misfortune of a blown radiator line that gave her a chance to improve her drifting skills on the carousel (turn 6).  Still suffering from engine gremlins, Rich was keeping his car alive to keep his points alive.  At the checker, it was Dave for the win, followed by Robert, Tom, Rick, Rich, and Karen.

Sunday Main Race:

For the starting grid, positions were determined by best lap time of the qualifying race. The times had Robert at pole, Dave at P2, followed by Tom, Rick, Karen, and Rich.  All groups elected to have a standing start.  At the green, it was Robert with a slight advantage over Dave, followed closely by the rest of the pack.  By turn two, Rick had pulled even with Tom and the two raced side by side all the way to the exit of turn 4 before Rick got he edge on Tom.  Meanwhile, Richís ill motor decided that it was due for retirement and just shut down.  Fortunately, Rich was able to coast into a safe area and not bring out a caution or safety rig.  A very pro move, much appreciated by all the drivers.  Not far into the race, Karenís hot motor (see previous race issue) came back to haunt her with a temp at about 220 degrees.  Day over for Karen as she pulled out to prevent further damage.  Up front, Dave finally made the pass on Robert, but couldnít shake the determined #3 car piloted by Robert.  At the checker, it was Dave for another win, followed by Robert, Rick, Tom, Karen, and Rich.

It looks like there will be some major motor work being done by Karenís and Richardís teams to be ready for Buttonwillow in two weeks.  All in all, a safe weekend for everyone and as always a good time had with everyone there.

Rick Anderson


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