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West Coast Round 3

Round three for the West Coast Challenge Series took place this past weekend at Buttonwillow Raceway Park. Six drivers converged at the track to challenge the type 13 configuration (clockwise) : Dave Standridge, Karen Salvaggio, Robert Walter, Rick Anderson, Mike Beeler, and T.C. McNett. It was great to have T.C. and Mike back with us!

Warm temperatures and clear skies greeted everyone for Saturday’s racing. After a brief warm-up, it was time to qualify. Again, it was clear that Dave had his sights on establishing a track record, with a time of 2:04.552 (1.5 seconds faster that the #2 time of Rick’s at 2:05.9 and Karen’s 2:06.1. For the grid it was Dave, Rick, Karen, T.C., Robert, and Mike.

For the race, the group took the green with a rolling start. At turn one it was Dave, followed by T.C. and Rick side by side. Following closely was Robert, Karen, and Mike. As a side note: Because of a blown head gasket, Karen was forced to remove the “old 28” from HPDE and drive it in the race while the “new 28” received it’s new gasket. At turn two, T.C. put a great move on Rick on the inside and took the second spot.
As Karen fought to keep up with the pack, Mike had transmission problems on lap 4 and had to retire. The good news, Mike was able to pull off behind a flag station, thus avoiding a caution, and tow truck. Meanwhile, Dave was slowly pulling away from T.C. and likewise T.C. was putting a comfortable gap between himself and Rick. Robert was staying firmly in 4th, with Karen gamely staying in the race at 5th. As the race wound down, everyone was able to get through traffic cleanly while still keeping in touch with the leaders. At the checker, it was Dave for the win, followed by T.C., Rick, Robert, Karen, and Mike.
Once again, running with CMC and AI proves to an ideal run group to be a part of. The different groups treat each other with respect while maintaining close racing. Well done!!

For the Sunday qualifying race, the group gridded up according to the Saturday race results. At the flying green, Dave took the early lead with T.C. right on his bumper. The remainder of the pack was also off to a good clean start. First lap, turn two, T.C. made the identical move on Dave as he did on Rick the previous race. Now T.C. was leading with Dave, Rick, Robert, Karen, and Mike in hot pursuit. That order lasted with T.C. and Dave battling for the lead for a while until Dave finally got the best of T.C. at the entry of Star Mazda. At the checker, it was Dave, T.C., Rick, Robert, Karen, and Mike rounding out the class.

For the main race, the grid was set by best lap of the qualifying race. T.C. took the pole with a blistering best lap of 2:04.612 compared with Dave’s best of 2:04.562. Dave’s Saturday record held up by .01 second!!! The remaining grid was Rick, Robert, Karen, and Mike. At the standing start, everyone got off with a clean start and were looking to catch T.C. At turn one, Dave had the edge on T.C. to take the lead. At turn two, Dave protected the inside line from T.C. and Rick who were looking inside for a chance to squeak by. At about lap three T.C., still battling with Dave, made a slight bobble at turn one and spun. By the time he recovered, Rick had passed him and was trying to catch Dave. Several laps later, T.C. was on Rick’s bumper and the two dueled for almost the entire lap until T.C. overcooked the exit at Star Maxda and spun. Now T.C. had to serve a stop and go penalty (a NASA rule for this event) and had to go out at the back of the pack and try to make up positions. Meanwhile, Karen had passed Robert for third spot with her sights set on Rick. Fortunately, the race ended without further incident. In the end it was Dave for yet another win, followed by Rick, Karen, Robert, T.C., and Mike.

A good weekend overall, good competition, great friends, and warm weather! Next up: Willow Springs May 24,25. The weather will be hot and the competition will be even hotter!!

Rick Anderson
West Coast Director

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