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Thunderhill Race Report

Round two of the Nor Cal Series at Thunderhill brought out only three competitors: Robert Walter, Tom Coon, and Rick Anderson. Missing in action: Dave Standridge, Rich Norgrove, and the rest of the group from So Cal who were at Buttonwillow on the same weekend. With perfect weather, it was bound to be a great weekend of racing.

For Saturday, Tom had prior family obligations and had to miss all of Saturday’s activities. That left Robert and Rick to fight over “King of the Hill”. Robert qualified .014 seconds faster than Rick for the race. Rick and Robert started at the back of the CMC field at the start of the race and quickly began picking off the slower CMC cars while battling each other for P1. In the first four laps the lead changed 4 times with both drivers intent on putting some distance on the other (to no avail!). By the third lap, Rick was getting water out from his hood and rising temps were the telltale of bad things to come. On lap 6, exiting turn 10, Rick’s engine blew off one of the hoses, sending him up the hill for an E Ticket ride. His day was done. Robert continued on with his drive to take the win with no one in his mirrors.

After working late on Saturday and early Sunday only to overheat in the pits, Rick’s car went into the trailer. That left Robert and Tom to battle in the qualifying race. At the end, Robert took the win with a 2:06 followed by an ever improving Tom.
For the race, Robert and Tom again took to the rear of the group for the green flag. Robert took off and picked off all but three or four of the CMC2 cars for the win and posted a 2:04.632 for fast time of the group for the race!! Nice job Robert! Tom ran a clean race while continuing to improve on learning these cars.

Also joining us were Jeff Awender (working towards his license in HPDE), Ron Stebles (ready to race-waiting for his license), and John Marsey (driving in TT).

All in all, a fun and safe weekend.

Next up; May 30, 31 at Thunderhill (but run clockwise). We should have the whole group together for this one!!

Rick Anderson
West Coast Director

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