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Summit Point Showdown was HOT, HOT, HOT

Practice on Saturday had some great times with Paul Kaiser at 1:23.887, just a tick below the track record of 1:23.94 set by Travis Grabb in 2008. But, since it was practice – Travis still holds the record – maybe Paul can snatch it during the Hyperfest coming in June.   John George and I were in the 1:25’s – John just 2/10’s quicker and Wayne Patterson a little behind that.  So, we thought we would be clever and line up first for the qualifying session to have a clean, clear track to “let it rip”.  But a number of double yellows, a burned plug wire for me and overheating for John and Wayne had Paul in with a 1:24.6, John a 1:26.4 and both Wayne and me in the 1:34’s.  That session had plenty of carnage and meant some interesting passing during the standing start would have to happen if I was to get close.  But when they split the classes Wayne and I weren’t too far from the hot shoes.  I jumped past a Honda and got up close to the Paul and John – it seemed like about 10 cars in the first turn – many did some farming and allowed me to get by a few more.  Paul did his usual pull away from the pack and John overheated again allowing me to pass him and get into second.  A 250 degree water temp on the standing start grid did Wayne in and after further investigation actually caused him to pop a head gasket.  Oh, by the way – the air temperature was about 90+ degrees.  So, it was Paul first, me second, John third and Wayne 4th.  We were all drained from the heat, but ready to see what we could do for the Sunday race.  John headed for the closest Auto Zone for a new water pump and thermostat.  Wayne said “enough” and stuck his car in the trailer and went for a 3 olive Martini.  So, it was going to be 3 starters for Sunday.

Sunday dawned with a promise for high temperatures and sure enough it got HOT.  Paul decided to race his ST-2 car, so that left me and John to fight it out.  The schedule called for a 40 minute race on Sunday since we only had a qualifying session – no practice.  John turned a 1:25.102 and I was able to turn a 1:26.407.  Once again with the class splits and standing start, I was on the outside and John the inside.  A fantastic race for the first turn had the usual gaggle of folks all trying to get through at the same time.  John managed to get into the marbles and I was able to get by.  He targeted me and I soon had engine missing  problems and went for the pits.  A loose spark plug wire – Hmm – I think that is the one that John and Brendon found to be burned and replaced.  So got it back in place and out onto the track again.  Little did I know that John experience a overheating problem – perhaps a pin hole in the radiator that took him out after 16 laps.  My spark plug wire problem allowed me to get only 14 laps completed.  So, John got the first and I was second.

 John’s off getting heating problems fixed and I’m working on keeping spark plug wires attached and “un-toasted”.  Wayne is off for some head gasket work and we are all looking forward to Hyperfest on a cool June weekend with all the gremlins worked out.

--Carl Thompson

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