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Race Updates: Charlie Gibson 300 at VIR

  11:56 AM Feb 20th 2005

Race has started. Spencer Pumpelly sits in 4th place overall with some very fast company. Dave RIha is second right now. Brian Cates is the second fastest Car and driving for Marcus Motorsports. 4th Car is Jim Schenck followed by Chuck Reyes. Frank Depew is next followed by Kevin Eves and Harry Elam. Elam was hit on the start by a Miata and spun right at the green flag, but rejoined the race a few moments later with no obvious long term damage.

12:22 PM Feb 20th 2005

Defending Nationals champion Spencer Pumpelly is behind the wall with engine trouble, but the defending champion of this race, Dave Riha, sits second in class and third overall. Jim Schenck is just a little behind at third in class and 20th overall. Brian Cunningham sits 4th in class and 15th overall. Kevin Eves, driving Ed Boothman's car, is just three seconds behind. Chuck Reyes is 6th in class. Harry Elam is a lap down, but up to 7th in class.Frank Lepew is one lap further behind and 10th in class.

12:24 PM Feb 20th 2005

A GT-3 Grand-Am Cup car has gained a one lap advantage on the entire field and the Toyota World Cup car looks like he's going to put Riha a lap down as well.

12:42 AP Feb 20th 2005

Kevin Eves is out of the car with a driver changer. Marcus Motorsports is getting ready to bring someone in. The second place overall BMW is in. Chuck Reyes is getting out of the Marcus Motorsports Car and Brian Smith is getting in.

12:47 PM Feb 20th 2005

Shenck has gotten in front of Riha to lead the FFRs. Riha must have had a small off as he was sitting third overall and second in class as Schenck got by him. Looks like Smith or Cunningham just had a small off and let Harry Elam get back up.

The Cunningham car is just 1 second ahead of the Boothman car. Not sure if Boothman or Peter LaRose is driving right now but the car is sitting 5th in class and 10th overall. H. Elam is 7th in class and 41st overall. Yellow flag on track for oil.

David Riha is getting ready to catch Brian Smith.  Peter Larose is in and looks like Boothman will be getting in the car.

1:05 PM Feb 20th 2005

Spec racer Ford just came through the pits on fire!!!!   LaRose is still in the car looking good. They got the fire put out on the Spec Racer Ford and no one appears hurt.

4:30 PM Feb 20th 2005

Congratulations to Team Factory Five!  Jim Schenck earned a well deserved 2nd overall out of 50+ entries and 1st in class (EO).  Dave Rhia while missing a few gears in his tranny, got 3rd overall and 2nd in ES.  Dave chose to run slicks in ES in an attempt to take the overall and edge out the quiche eaters.  You'll get em next year Dave!  More updates to come...


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