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West Coast Race at Infinion Raceway

Race #5
Infinion Raceway
Sonoma, Calif.

August 6 - 7, 2005

Report by:  Dan Lawson

Infinion is always a much-anticipated event. The technically challenging track makes for great racing, and the weather is usually really nice. This weekend was no exception as the weather was in the high eighties, to low nineties.

As usual there are always large run groups due to everyone wanting to run the famous racetrack.  The Factory Five men showed up ready to go. The Lawson’s had the new car out for the first time for a shakedown before the nationals. Bob Evans only had one car there getting the others ready for the nationals also.  A total of seven cars showed up ready to go.

Saturday morning rolled in and Donny Edwards was ready to go in the number one Evan’s car. Starting up where he left off back in April setting the fast time.

Bob Lawson and Langley Kersonboon showed what was to be the story of the weekend as they went nose to tail.

Dan Lawson in the new number 14 struggled, as there was a lot of sorting out to do.

Qualifying later in the morning went well for most except Dan who was ran into by a super stock car coming out of turn nine, throwing him off track, managing to save it before hitting the concrete wall looming on the right.

Donny set a blistering pace timing in at 1:52:39 with Langley, Bob, Dan, Rick Anderson, Ed Gavin, and Mike Easton rounding out the field. Setting the Grid for the standing start later in the afternoon.

Saturday’s race started with Donny and Langley putting the hammer down going through turn one side by side, with Bob Lawson nipping at there heals going up to the tricky turn two, with Dan laying back with brake problems which plagued the car all weekend.

Shooting around the course through the esses, down through he treacherous turn 10, the three stayed together, coming on to the front straight. But as Donny settled in and got his rhythm he began to pull away finishing first. Langley tried as hard as he could but just couldn’t keep up, but gave an inspirational effort in the process. Bob Lawson came in third with room to spare. Dan Lawson had to pull out as the shifter came loose and was relegated to last. Rick Anderson steadily improving came in fourth with Ed Gavin picking up fifth, and mike Easton finishing sixth.

Sunday morning rolled up with a cool clear California clear sky, and everyone determined to improve to give Donny a run for his money on this day.

The Lawson’s spent part of the previous evening putting a new power steering rack in Bob’s car that was damaged at willow springs at the last race, not allowing the toe out to stay consistent. Dan’s 14 car was busy bleeding brakes and fixing the shifter, and working on the chassis to improve his dismal times from the day before (2:01’s). Langley was working on his set up to get closer to Donny.

Morning practice showed all the work did make a difference as Dan got into the 1:58s, Bob Lawson got into the 54’s, and Langley got into the 53’s. After the session everyone continued to work on improvements because although improved it was not going to be enough to catch Donny.

Qualifying came and finally Dan had some brakes, Bob made some changes to his set up, as did Langley. When the green flew it was evident that Dan’s 14 car was definitely getting much faster he and Bob ran consistent for the entire session, with Langley pressing to catch up to them. On the last lap Bob spun in turn six with Dan behind him cutting down to miss him coming out of six, the car broke loose getting into the marbles on the outside of the turn shooting across the drag strip and hitting hard against the concrete wall on the far side of the drag strip heavily damaging the car. Dan was ok just a little sore, but the car held up real well protecting the driver. But definitely putting the chances of making the nationals in jeopardy. After all was said and done Bob and Langley were both in the mid 53’s, Donny was staying consistent at mid to high 52’s, unfortunately Dan had finally gotten the car close and had improved by four seconds getting into the low 54’s but obviously was out for the day. Rick Anderson, Ed Gavin, and Mike Easton were all improving on their times.

As race time came it was another standing start, with Donny and Langley on the front row and Bob and Rick on the second row. But this time Bob got a great start going into turn one side by side with Langley up the hill with both hot on Donny’s tail. As the race progressed Donny pulled away slightly but more due to the fact that Bob and Langley were having concentrate on each other running side by side, nose to tail battling hard. Around lap four Langley dove into turn seven pinching Bob behind a slower car and taking over second. Undaunted Bob stayed right on his tail putting pressure on the southern call driver for another lap or two, and turning the table on him in more traffic and getting back into second. As the race progressed the track announcer and the spectators were loving this battle as neither could make a mistake or get passed. Langley towards the end of the race tried a bold move coming out of turn six cutting hard under a lapped car to try to get by Bob but ended up spinning and getting stuck in the mud leaving Bob to cruse home second. Although Donny won the race he didn’t run away with it, only the second and third place battle gave him the cushion he had at the end, being about two seconds or so.

Again the Factory Five crew put on the best show of the weekend, and the west coast crew is primed and ready for the nationals. Donny will be a force to reckon with along with Bob and Langley.

Hopefully the Lawson’s will get the other car ready for Dan, but if not Marcus Motorsports is there and Dan may drive one of Steve’s well prepared cars.

The laps times and results are listed below.


Hopefully we can all get together for a beer or two in a few weeks and enjoy the Virginia countryside, racing, and camaraderie…. See you there.


Saturday Finishing Order

Donny Edwards            1:53:90       Fast time of Day Donny Edwards 1:52:69

Langley Kersenboom    1:53:87

Bob Lawson                 1:55:76

Rick Anderson              2:00:76

Ed Gavin                      2:01:25

Mike Easton                 2:15:25

Dan Lawson                 1:58:57


Sunday Finishing Order

Donny Edwards            1:52:58 Fast time of Day – Donny Edwards 1:52:32

Bob Lawson                 1:53:79

Rick Anderson              2:01:32

Mike Easton                 2:09:13

Langley Kersenboom    1:53:04

Ed Gavin                      2:00:84

By, Dan Lawson


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