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West Coast Challenge Series #3

Willows CA.

ThunderHill Raceway


Saturday Qualifying & Race

Saturday morning rolls around to find 13 challenge series racers ready to attack the 3-mile course at Thunderhill. The largest field to date, in attendance were Donny Edwards #1, Rick Anderson #6, Dave Standridge #83, Richard Norgrove #5, Ed Gavin #62, Paul McGarvey #85Tim Treat #17, TC McNett #33, Robert Walter #3, Karen Salvaggio #28, Mike Beeler #10, Mike Joyce #44, John Joyce #88


After a routine qualifying session it was evident that everyone would be racing for 2nd place as Donny ripped off a 2:01.5 time, 5+ seconds ahead of the closest competitor. Ed Gavin making his first appearance of this season was on the trailer with a clutch problem. At the driverís meeting it was decided that the FFRís would start behind AI (rolling start) and CMC (standing start), we also would do a standing start, making the FFR group a little nervous (except Donny, who loves traffic). Green flag dropped and Tim gets a half car jump but Donny gets thru turn 1 in the lead and thatís the last our group saw of the #1 Lawson Bros. entry. TC filled Timís mirrors for several laps until Tim had a spin, Tim gathered up his car but was unable to get back the second place spot finishing 3rd. David Standridge starting in the back (sleepy head, missed qualifying) was working his way thru the field, only too have hummm---- 4 spins and still managed a 5th place finish. There was good racing through out the field with the final order Rick Anderson 4th, Robert Walter 6th, Karen Salvaggio 7th, Richard Norgrove 8th, Paul McGarvey 9th (after being involved in Danís accident it was great to see Paul come back out. After getting over the knot in his gut and learning the track Paul dropped 10 seconds off his lap times.) Mike Beeler 10th, Mike Joyce 11th, John Joyce 11th both Mike and John did not complete the race due to engine problems.


Sunday Qualifying & Race


Another near prefect day, and there is a buzz in the pits, no Donny to contend with (had to attend a wedding) everybody excited with anticipation. Due to mechanical problems, the Joyce cars where in the trailer heading for home. Paul McGarvey must have had an early flight back to Canada, leaving eight cars for today action. Newcomer Tim Treat showed he would be a force to reckoned with grabbing the pole with a time of 2:04.3 with David close behind setting the first row. FFR started in the front of the three groups (rolling start) Right from the drop of the green it was evident we spectators where in for a treat. Tim grabbed the lead with David in close pursuit, for the first 2 laps Robert Walter and Rick Anderson stay with the 2 lead cars follow closely by TC. Tim and David continue the battle in front putting some distance them and the rest of the field, but you could through a towel over them. Tim seemed to be faster in the spots on the track where passing might be done, but with 4 laps to go Tim missed a shift coming onto the main straight and that was all David needed. Tim tried to mount a come back but was unable get it done. Meanwhile the battle for 3rd with Rick trying to hold off Robert and TC became a 2-car battle after Robert lost it spinning in turn 3. The battle for third was exciting right to the finish. On the last lap TC got under Rick coming onto the main straight, but the move cost him some exit speed with Rick passing TC right at the finish line. The order of finish for the day found Daivd1st, Tim, Rick, TC, Richard (finding it much easier to finish keeping the car pointed in the right direction) Karen, Robert (not able to recover from his spin) and Mike finishing 8th showing steady improvement and turning his best lap of the weekend. Overall, another terrific weekend for most, even for me observing from the sidelines.


--Bob Lawson

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