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NASA-FFR Announces First 2006 Sponsor

The NASA FFR Challenge Series is pleased to announce new contingency
programs for the series on the part of Marcus Performance, the new parts
supply business headed up by the famed Steve Marcus.

Support from Marcus Performance is in the form of two packages.  The first

is $10,000 in parts and services prizes that will be distributed during the
course of the year.  Unlike traditional contingency prizes, these prizes
are based on participation and not just winning.  Drawings will be
conducted at ten times during the course of the year based on participation
in that time period.  Each drive and/or car owner will receive a chance
based on each race they start during a NASA race weekend.  (For NASA
weekends that feature more than two races, only the last two races of the
weekend will count.)
Marcus Performance has also been named the official tire supplier for the
series.  Kumho V710 tires will be sold to racers at a price less than or
equal to the published price on the Tire Rack website.  A portion of the
sales will take the form of a participation-based drawing at NASA's
Nationals to be held at Mid-Ohio in September.  (An additional drawing may
be conducted at the end of the season to distribute additional
funds).  There will be three cash awards at each drawing.  Racers will
receive one drawing opportunity for each race they run tires purchased from
Marcus Performance (up to two races per weekend).  Rain tires do not need
to be purchased from Marcus Performance, but drivers who run rain tires
purchased from Marcus Performance will gain additional drawing
chances.  Marcus Performance has graciously allowed a grandfather period
for the first few races of the year for racers to run existing tires.

Drivers/owners must run two Marcus Performance stickers on their car to be

eligible and must sign the series waivers.  A single waiver is being used
for all contingency sponsors in 2006.  The waivers with instructions will
be available on the website in a week or
so.  Drivers/owners must also provide pictures showing the decals on the
car.  These pictures may be used by any of the contingency sponsors.

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