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NASA “HEAT WAVE” at VIR – It was a scorcher!

It might have been the old “95 & 95” - usually seen in August.  That is 95 degree with 95% humidity.  At least it felt that way with triple layer Nomex, gloves, helmet – you get the picture.  And, the competition was hot too.  Charles Burkett, Wayne Patterson, and Carl Thompson came to VIR for the “Test & Tune” on Friday, and two days of racing for Saturday & Sunday.  They just checked transponders on Friday so we didn’t really get any ideas on times until qualifying on Saturday.  Friday evening Carl hosted the FFR folks - in the Challenge Car Compound – Challenge Series, HPDE, ST-2, - whoever would show up for some food and fun. We had burgers, beer, dogs, fruit salad, sodas etc.  Jim Goodwin brought the fruit salad – said he had to continue his diet – he has lost over 40 lbs.  Way to go Jim.  Travis Grabb, Wayne and Dottie Patterson, Charles and Shirley Burkett, and Brian Cates brought goodies, relaxed and swapped racing/driving stories, some philosophy of life ideas, and enjoyed each others company.  By 7pm it had cooled off nicely, by 9pm we were ready for some air conditioned rest.  

Saturday dawned warm with the promise for more “95/95”.  Well, Charles put on some new tires for qualifying and was flying.  He turned in a 1:46.659, Carl a 1:47.358 and Wayne a 1:51.773.  Unfortunately Charles had to avoid another class car after the up hill and went off track and contacted the tires and Armco on the right – front end severely damaged, lower front A arm attachment points bent – he was done for the weekend.  Fortunately he wasn’t hurt.  So Carl’s thinking – 1:46.659 could be the new VIR North Course Track record on Toyo’s for the FFR Challenge Series unless race results can be a little quicker.  There were 66 cars in the combined field with our standing start – more than 35 cars in our field, and then the rest in a rolling start.  Without Charles to chase I had to pick someone else.  I was able to turn a 1:46.332 in the chase – just a hair under Charles’s best time to establish the record – at least for a day and Wayne finished second.  At least Wayne was smart enough to have a “cool shirt” to help.  By Saturday evening most of us were beat from the heat and all the day’s activities.  A good night sleep helped.

Sunday was another not and humid day.  I was grided in front of Wayne.  The standing start was its usual excitement with 3 or 4 wide in the first corner.  Carl experienced a fuel pickup/starvation problem coming out of that corner, got nudged in the process, but couldn’t get consistent fuel feed.  Wayne recognized there was some problem and drove on the catch and pass Thompson.  I couldn’t figure out the problem but just pressed on.  It improved somewhat and allowed me to “almost” catch Wayne to contest him on the last lap at the finish line.  But, it wasn’t to be.  Wayne won his first race and Carl finished second.  Neither of us were able to beat yesterday best time.  So, the new lap record is established.  All in all, it was a HOT weekend with some HOT racing.  Off to Summit Point next month!

 -- Carl Thompson

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