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OH/IN FFRís Run Midwest Autobahn

Joliet, IL -- Two OH/IN regulars journeyed to northern Illinois to run on the Autobahn Country Club 2.1 mile South Track. Their main reason for this journey was to compete in the 2-hour Enduro on Autobahns 3.5 mile Full Course. You can view the related Enduro story by following this LINK. Like every previous weekend this season, the weather was perfect!

Ed Boothman (Naples, FL) and Brian Sanders (Cincinnati, OH) squared off for a head to head battle as the only two Challenge Series racers in attendance. Last year, both wins at Autobahn went to Ed. They were tight races but Brian had nothing for him. However, this year, the tide turned with both wins going to Brian. A third of FFR driver, Steve Kolrud, was in attendance but he runs his car in the Super Touring class.

Ed has struggled this year with car problems and the associated lack of confidence in the car. But this weekend, he really turned things around and by the end, was back to running times comparable to last year. On the other hand, Brian is continuing to have his best season yet. He has had is share of misfortune with the car this season but with the help of his fellow drivers has overcome those setbacks.

Saturdays race had the two drivers starting side by side but Brian took an early lead and stretched it into a fifty-two second victory. During the Saturday Enduro, Brian broke a shock and had to make yet another repair to make the Sunday race. On Sunday, the race director decided to grid all the cars in the race group by their qualifying times. This put Brian in the fifth starting position with Steve in nine and Ed in ten. With this starting advantage, Brian again stretched out to an early lead. However, when the car in front of Brian started smoking, he backed off in case this car was about to blow an engine. After running several laps this way, Brian could see Ed and Steve growing in his rearview. About this same time the smoking car began to slow and Brian was able to pass safely and go on to his second victory of the weekend. Ed and Steve ran very close to each other during the race. They exchange positions on several occasions.

You can read the full Enduro story at the link above. Hereís a brief summary. Brian led Ed until the pit stop. Brianís stop was not flawless and Edís was. After the pit stops, Ed was ahead of Brian. Seven laps later, Brian re-took the lead with Ed staying close behind. With three laps to go, Brian breaks a shock and is out of the race from third place overall. Ed takes over third place and finishes the race on the podium. Way to go ED!!

The next stop for the Challenge Series racers is the long and fast 4 miles of Road America.

Cíya at the track!

--Brian Sanders

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