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West Coast Challenge - Round 6

Monday, October 15, 2007-- The sixth round of racing for the West Coast Challenge Series, Dave Standridge, Karen Salvaggio, TC’ McNett, Rick Anderson and Robert Walter made the trip to Thunderhill raceway.  After driving through rain on Friday to get to the track, the five intrepid racers were rewarded with spring-like conditions. The twist:  The track would be ran backwards (clockwise)! As it turns out, everyone agrees that it is a lot of fun and learning a new track makes for an added measure of focus.

After a “way too short” warm up to start learning the track, everyone prepared to qualify. After an eventful qualifying; Dave Standridge broke a transmission, T.C broke a shock and Robert overheated late in the session, the qualifying went as follows:

Dave Standridge- 2:10.447

Rick Anderson-2:11.688

Karen Salvaggio-2:13.301

Robert Walter-2:13.301

T.C McNett-2:24.513

With the stage set for the Saturday race, we took the Green with a rolling start. At turn 1, Rick edged out Dave, but spun exiting turn 2 leaving the remaining group to roar past. By the time Rick could restart, the other four had put a huge gap ahead. In the meantime, T.C passed Robert and set sail after Karen.  T.C and Karen dueled for nearly half the race until Karen had to retire due to some electrical gremlins. While Karen and T.C were battling for position, Robert’s car temp went high enough for him to decide to park it before anything major popped. In the end, it was Dave Standridge for the win, followed by T.C, Rick (by default), Karen and Robert.

Sunday’s weather, again sunny and cool. Perfect!! Our schedule had us slated for 8:20 am warm-up. To help the SOCAL folks get an early start home, we elected to have our qualifying race at 8:20 and our main race at 11:50.  The grid for the qualifying race would be set by Saturday’s race results. As we followed the pace car, Dave Standridge pulled off (the result of fuel delivery problems).  That left T.C at pole, followed by Rick, Karen and Robert.  At the green, all took off with a clean start on the cold track.  Shortly after the start, Karen had to pull off, also with fuel delivery issues.  That left T.C, Rick and Robert to duke it out for the best time and race points. Rick tied an anchor to the back of T.C’s car and the two went the rest of the race pretty much nose to tail.  In the end it was T.C (1:11.648), followed by Rick (1:11.207) and Robert (1:11.625).

For the main race, the grid would be Rick, Robert, T.C, Karen and Dave.  At the start, Rick blew the start by being in 3rd gear and everyone motored on by but Dave.  With Robert out in front, T.C was in second and Karen third.  By the second lap Dave was past Rick and off in pursuit of the front three. On lap six, Robert had once again been bitten by the high temperature problem and had to retire.  With Dave having made his way to the front, he had T.C nagging at his tail and Karen had to deal with Rick trying to get by.  Eventually, Rick got by Karen and set sail for T.C.  As the race wore on Rick and T.C fought it out for the second place.  On one lap, they swapped position 3 times in less than 30 seconds!  Coming into lapped traffic on the last lap prevented any more position changes.  In the end, it was Dave for the win, followed by T.C, Rick, Karen and Robert.

Overall, a great weekend with good racing with good friends.  Hopefully Robert can pin point his heat issues and Karen has a chance to improve her “new” care setup.  Both will be fast at Buttonwillow next month for the last race of the season.

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