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T.C. McNett Takes West Coast Title at Season Finale!

This past weekend, the West Coast Challenge Series racers had their final race for 2007 at Buttonwillow Raceway. With weather reports varying from “cloudy” to “rain”, it was anybody’s guess to what to expect. With only four drivers making the trip: Karen Salvaggio, Mike Beeler, T.C. McNett, and Rick Anderson, it was the smallest turnout of the year. As it was, it was possible that the season champion could be determined at this race.

Saturday Race
With a good, but congested warm up and qualifying out of the way, it was pole followed by Karen, Rick, and Mike for the starting grid. At the green, T.C. was off with Karen in hot pursuit trying to whittle away at his points lead. Rick followed with Mike rounding up the rear. For the whole race, Karen dogged T.C. but he never opened the door for Karen to get by. In the end it was T.C. for the win, followed by Karen, Rick, and Mike.

With that win, T.C. clinched the championship!! Karen clinched second place and Rick took third place in the series.

Sunday Races
With all the drama for the championship out of the way, it was time for some fun, or racing in the rain! We got both!! Our warm up was very wet with nothing getting very warm. For our qualifying race, the track was starting to dry out, but still had standing water. Based on finishing order the field was inverted for the start. At the green, Karen and T.C. got the jump on the sleeping Rick (must have been enjoying the scenery!!). At turn one, Karen was ahead of T.C. and held him off for most of the race. Finally, T.C. got a nose inside of Karen at turn one and took the lead and kept it for the remainder of the race. Again, T.C. came out on top at the checker with Karen pushing with everything she had in second. Rounding out the finish was Rick followed by Mike.

For our last race of the year, it was T.C. at pole with Karen in the 2 spot and Rick at the back. Unfortunately, Mike was unable to make the race. At the start, T.C. was off like he was being chased by the IRS!! Karen and Rick stayed close for a while but were held up by slower traffic. As the race progressed, Karen and Rick dueled for position but every attempt by Rick to pass Karen did not last for very long. In the end, T.C. passed the entire CMC field for the win!! Karen finished a well deserved second and Rick was “last”.

Once again:
Congratulations to the 2007 West Coast Challenge Series Champion: T.C. McNett!!!! Also, congratulations to our close second place series finisher: Karen Salvaggio!! As a reminder to all: The National Championship winner is a West Coast driver: Congratulations again to Dave Standridge!!!!!

Overall, a good season. I wish to thank all who ran with us this year. We all hope for an even better season next year with even more drivers participating on the west coast.

--Rick Anderson

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