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Randy Van de Loo
Forum Handle: Big-Foot
Hometown: Minneapolis Minnesota
Occupation: Information Technology - Technical Project Manager
NASA Region: Midwest
Car Number: 7
Years in series: 3
Sponsors: ASPerformance
Champ Pans
  Fortes Parts Connection
Racing History:  
I still do Chassis Fabrication and setup for various teams - but now only semi-professionally as it's hard to feed a family that way. I started racing Karts almost 40 years ago. Among various Modified Production cars, I raced an old Top Fuel dragster in early 70's. Started AutoCrossing when I quit drag racing. Started getting back into wheel to wheel road racing with A/B Production Corvettes in mid 70's. In early 80's I went stock car racing with everything from Hot Stocks to Late Models. I went back to shoeing a Camaro in SCCA's American Sedan in late 90's and won 2 cendiv SCCA Championships. I sold the Camaro and raced in Improved Touring with a Honda Civic and won 3 more championships. In 2002 I came to my senses and decided rear drive V8 was going to be home - Built the FFR Spec Racer and refuse to look back. I wanted to race in a series where the cars were FUN-FAST-DURABLE. The Factory Five Spec Racer Series is that. The lap times I turn with my FFR are faster than those I used to turn with my A/S Camaro and the cost of maintenance on the car is easily 75% less. While the series is still in it's early years and the rules still need a little work, it is off to an exceptionally good start and is growing like wildfire!
What is your favorite track?
 Road America
Who do you enjoy beating most?
 Myself - nothing's better than bettering my best!
Who have you shared the track with most?
 I don't share - When you get there first, you don't have to.
What was your first car?
 1951 Ford Club Coupe
What is your favorite car?
 1969 Camaro SS, 1965 Roadster, 1970 Nova SS
What is your favorite drink?
 Warm Diet Pepsi 
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