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Robert Beausoleil
Forum Handle: aquariusracing
Hometown: Plymouth Twp PA
Age: 39
Team Name: Aquarius Racing
Occupation: President
Business Description: Wholesale distribution of Lawn Sprinkler, Landscape Lighting, Pond and Drainage Equipment
Business Website:
NASA Region: Northeast
Car Number: 98
Years in series: Rookie
Sponsors: Aquarius Irrigation Supply, Inc.
Cast Lighting
Racing History: Racing since 1990 Triumph GT-6 1995 champ in EMRA then 1984 VW Rabbit for a few years and sick of working on it.
Why did you join the series?
Hopefully less shop time and car always a dream.
What is your favorite track?
Watkins and Bridgehampton of the past
Who do you enjoy beating most?
My last lap
Who have you shared the track with most?
The great people in EMRA
What was your first car?
Triumph Spitfire 1974
What is your favorite car?
Audi S8
What is your favorite drink?
Water. Things sure have changed.
What is your favorite food?
Any camping food at the track with friends.

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