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Gary McDaniel
Forum Handle: Gary McDaniel
Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Age: 48
Team Name: AlpineGlow Motorsports Race Team
Personal Website:
Occupation: Pilot
NASA Region: Great Lakes
Car Number: 95
Years in series: 2
Sponsors: North Racecars
Racing History: 2005 COMMA Series at Hallett
Why did you join the series?
Great folks involved in the series and want to run against similiar cars.
What is your favorite track?
Who do you enjoy beating most?
I like to see my personal lap times improving.
Who have you shared the track with most?
The Oklahoma boys running in the COMMA series, they helped me a lot in the paddock.
What was your first car?
1973 VW bug
What is your favorite car?
What is your favorite drink?
Bud Light that Richard Oben seems to have handy at just the right time.
What is your favorite food?
Shore lunch of Walleye that just came over the canoe gunwale moments before.
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