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Paul McGarvey
Forum Handle: cancouper
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Age: 55
Team Name: RennWerks Motorsports
Occupation: Engineer
Business Description: Private equity for the energy sector
NASA Region: NorCal
Car Number: 85
Years in series: 2
Racing History: Five years running Mazda RX7 in WCMA (regional Western Canada)
Why did you join the series?
I wanted to move up into a higher performance class that was still affordable and had adequate car count
What is your favorite track?
I find Thunderhill really great to develop my racing skills because of the variability - elevation, camber, sweepers.
Who do you enjoy beating most?
I focus more on my improving my times than beating any particular individual - so myself I guess.
What was your first car?
1961 Triumph Herald
What is your favorite car?
Lotus Exige

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