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Richard Norgrove
Forum Handle: Brewmaster
Hometown: Healdsburg, CA
Age: 37
Team Name: Bear Republic Racing
Personal Website:
Occupation: Brewer/Fireman
Business Description: I own an operate a Microbrewery, Pub and Restaurant. I employee 75+ people and sell packaged beer in 22 states.
Business Website:
NASA Region: NorCal
Car Number: 5
Years in series: 2
Sponsors: Bear Republic Brewing Company
RLA sheetmetal
Healdsburg Collision
American Blasting and Coatings
Racing History: I have raced for 4+ years on a small
 paved circle track in Northern Cal, UKiah Speedway. I have driven several forms of Cars, from Hobbystocks, Bombers, Latemodels, Modifieds and roadcourse cars. I then made jump to roadracing 3 years ago while still circletrack'n in Ukiah. My circle track racing days, have offered me  great experiences and I have won several races and my Highest honors came as I was awarded Rookie of the Year in 2003. In that year I  took 6th in points out of 24 cars. I then got bug to go roadracing and I purchased a well raced 1971 ITS 240z. I got my SCCA racing license and worked with a great racer.... Tom Wickersham, just trying to learn the ropes. I still use this car today as my instructing car. I became a NASA instructor in 2004. I waited a while to figure out what type of racing I would go for in the NASA ranks. Thru much poking and Proding I purchased my factory five and this will be my first full season racing with NASA. Go Go Racer 5
Why did you join the series?
Good people, cool cars, and people having fun
What is your favorite track?
Sears Point
Who do you enjoy beating most?
My buddy Mikey
Who have you shared the track with most?
still a rookie
What was your first car?
AMC Gremlin
What is your favorite car?
Mach 5
What is your favorite drink?
a Fine Ale
What is your favorite food?
Fried Chicken
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