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Regions and Contacts

Factory Five Racing, Inc.

9 Tow Road

Wareham, MA 02571

508-291-3443 phone

508-291-3883 fax

The Factory Five Challenge Series is remarkable in that the community of racers is extremely helpful,  enthusiastic, and knowledgeable.  As regions have grown over the years in participation and car count, there are a good number of guys you can talk to and get local information.

Note:  While most FFR Challenge Series cars are used in the NASA series, a good number of folks use their modified cars in other venues.  Jason or Dan can help with questions about SCCA, HSR, SVRA and other groups and events where you can use your car. 

Factory Five Series Coordinator E-Mail Phone

Factory Five Racing
Jason Lavigne
Click here to send Jason an e-mail. 508-291-3443
Fax: 508-291-3883

Great Lakes - Midwest

Brian Sanders

Click here to send Brian an e-mail.  

Mid-Atlantic - Southeast

Carl Thompson

Click here to send Carl an e-mail.  

West Coast

Rick Anderson

Click here to send Rick an e-mail.  

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