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Install of Right Side Net


As promised, here is my install of a right side net that meets the new CCR rule which becomes effective July 1, 2007. I spent some time at a recent event looking at other cars and was able to see most of the net options that are out there. The Safety Solutions net was the best choice in my opinion. I purchased my net from APEX Performance a supporter of NASA Mid-Atlantic. Below is a link to the exact net I purchased.

Safety Solutions Sprint Net - SFI-27.1 Rated

Funny how things work out, due to my recent incident at Putnam Park and resulting destroyed front clip, I already had the front body off, making the installation of the front strap much easier. Below you can see the installed strap behind the dash to the dash hoop. First I decided on the location of the strap. The idea is to have the net run straight from front to back. So after aligning the net, I moved the front strap until it was straight. At this point I marked the location of the strap on the dash hoop and where it would pass through the dash panel. Please notice that I welded some bent rod on each side of the strap to keep it from moving on the dash hoop. Finally, I cut an opening in the dash panel to pass the strap through. I used some door edge molding that I found at a local parts store on the edge of the dash opening to keep it from cutting the strap.

Click on any image for a larger view.

Next was to find suitable mounting points in the rear. Using the ratchet strap supplied with the net, I was able to reach the driver side upright with the upper strap and at a good position. Again, I welded a piece of rod to the tube to keep the strap from sliding.

Now it was time for the seat to come out and attaching the middle and lower straps. Two slots had to be cut in the rear bulkhead to find suitable attaching points. The lower strap passes thought the bulkhead and attaches to one of the old shoulder harness mounting points in the trunk. I used a mounting loop from an old set of Simpson belts.

The middle strap passes through the bulkhead and attaches to my harness bar. This is simply wrapped around the harness bar.

Below are some pictures of the final install. This is by no means the only way to do this or the only solution that meets the CCR rule. It was the best solution for me. Feel free to contact me directly with questions at

--Brian Sanders

  OH/IN-Midwest Series Director

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