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The goal is fun, affordable and safe racing.  Fair, enforceable rules are key to having a good time at the track and keeping the playing field level.  What we all want are evenly matched cars and wins based on driver skill not checkbook size.  The Challenge Series rules are well thought-out and enforced fairly by the good folks at NASA.


To be eligible to race in the FFR-NASA Challenge Series you must have a valid NASA competition license and comply with all NASA rules.  NASA rules govern the configuration and construction of the cars.  If you choose to compete in SCCA or other events, please refer to those sanctioning bodies for rules. 


Having a capable race car is only half the battle. In order to develop this race series into a popular and safe event, Factory Five Racing has worked closely with the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) to develop fair and enforceable rules that keep the series true to its goals.  We are very thankful for the great support of the enthusiastic racers at NASA. 

The National Auto Sports Association is the sanctioning body for the racing series.  They are solely responsible for the rules, enforcement and tech inspection at races.  NASA also records and awards the winners of regional races and of the National Title. 

We will not reproduce the rules on this site in order to avoid revision changes and other changes that could affect a race.  For a copy of the current and official FFR-NASA Challenge Series Rules go to the NASA site at…

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