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Getting Started in the Series
Thanks for your interest in the Factory Five Challenge Car and Series.  2007 will be the eighth season of racing for this rapidly growing series.  Today there are over 250 Challenge cars on tracks and at races around the country.  We’ve put this section together to help you get to know the car and the series and maybe “dip your toe” in the Challenge Series waters. 
There are a number of ways to learn more about the cars and the series. 

Over the years we have learned a lot about these cars and what it takes to make them competitive. We have finally compiled all the information into a concise document that will help you prepare a competitive car. While this document can not possibly contain everything, it is an excellent starting point. Please remember, when changing anything, make small changes, document changes, and most importantly, make only one change at a time. Click HERE to view our race car set-up hints.

Here is more information that will answer your questions and guide you though the process of getting started in the FFR Challenge Series.  It covers subjects from getting your license and car maintenance, all the way to what it takes to get faster once you're racing!

HDPE Driving Schools with NASA

NASA has a dedicated and professional driving instruction program aimed at both teaching the basics of competitive driving as well as a full competition licensing program. 


On-line Racer Forum

The best person to ask questions is someone who is a customer and racer.  Speak to customers via the FFROG on-line racer forum.


Arrive and Drive Racing with Marcus Motorsports

Marcus Motorsports offers a fleet of “Arrive and Drive” racers.  The team from Marcus has raced at the 24 hours of Daytona, American LeMans, and a full spectrum of SCCA racing.  They offer a complete, ready-to-race service including garage, pit support, transport and vehicle rental… All you do is show up!


Building your own or buying a completed Race Car
The bulk of our focus is on customers who choose to build their own vehicles.  This link will provide valuable resources for locating parts and services to complete your car.  If you are interested in buying a ready-to-race vehicle there are a number of qualified race shops who provide this service.


Order an Assembly Manual
If you’re considering building your own Challenge Series car, we recommend purchasing an assembly manual.  The assembly manual will walk you through all the steps of building a Challenge car, plus the cost of the manual is refundable with the purchase of a race car kit.


Contact NASA for a race/event near you


Contact a race series coordinator


Racing Adventures
Racing Adventures is a traveling driving school.  They have a fleet (16) of Spec Racers and they visit racetracks around the country.  Racing Adventures offers one and two day driving schools and use FFR Challenge cars exclusively. 


NASA:  National Auto Sport Association

Growing by leaps and bounds and making all the right moves, NASA fills the void left by a crowded SCCA.  Under the leadership of Jerry Kunzman, NASA offers schools and licensing programs aimed at the amateur racer and racing series for the developing professional.  Call NASA at 510-232-NASA or check out


Racing Reference Material and Links
If you’re contemplating a Challenge racer it means you have more than just performance driving on your mind.  You, my friend, have the dreaded and highly infectious WTWR (wheel-to-wheel racing) virus in your blood.  There is presently no cure, however the treatment program is highly effective (and can be expensive).  Your best hope is to read all you can about this disease that is affecting you.  These are our picks for some of the best books and source material available on the subject.  There are many more great books and sources, these are just some of our personal favorites to get you started.

Engineer to Win, Tune to Win, Prepare to Win (three books)

Carroll Smith.  All pause in the presence of greatness… Carroll Smith is the Yoda to all aspiring racers.  Check out MotorBooks International or look up Aero Publications. 


The Unfair Advantage

Lime Rocks’ favorite son Mark Donohue and the techniques that helped get him to the podium so many times.  You’ll also understand why so many loved him.  Bentley Publishers, Cambridge, MA

Miller, Cars and Biography

Harry Aminius Miller was one of the greatest figures in the history of automotive racing.  His innovations and contribution to engine and car design were decades ahead of everyone else.  This book chronicles his incredible life.  It should be required reading for racers who need to appreciate the giants who have come before us and who have given us this legacy to continue. 


A Twist of the Wrist

By Keith Code.  Explains the core principles and skills needed to master motorcycle racing.  The concepts of two-wheeled vehicles are at times opposed those of cars, but those differences also help to cement the understandings of the importance of chassis balance, suspension and smoothness.  California Superbike School, 800-530-3350. 

Dave Borden’s 1996 blue roadster and his 2000 silver Challenge car.  Dan Lawson (#21) leads spec Miata (toast) and an SCCS car (not toast).

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